Nasolabial Folds | Causes and Treatment Using Dermal Fillers

With growing age, you may get some deep lines and wrinkles, formed at the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth. What are they? These are Nasolabial folds that appear gradually with time and its severity differs from person to person. You can also consider it as the most effective sign of aging. Do you think this is the time to relax? If you are a person who wants to take utmost care of your skin, then perhaps you will look for an instant treatment for such folds. Isn’t it? Well, in that case, it is important to know the signs and symptoms, its causes and how the nasolabial folds can be treated using cosmetic injectables like dermal fillers.

Let us start with the reasons of the occurrence of Nasolabial folds.


1. Exposure to Sun:

Exposure to the Sun means it is the exposure to the UV rays. As you know, ultraviolet rays of the Sun are highly responsible for the generation of free radicals. Thus when our skin comes in contact with the UV rays, these free radicals lead to facial wrinkles, and deep nasolabial folds, resulting in skin damage.

2. Smoking:

Are you addicted to smoking? Well, in this reference, you are leading your skin to get damage. “Smoking is injurious to health. It causes lung cancer.” These are the most pronounced statements that you always come across. But has anyone told you that smoking can cause nasolabial folds and wrinkles on your face? The chemicals present as the ingredients of the cigarettes results in mouth wrinkles, wrinkles under the eyes and therefore accelerate the aging process. This can also be the reason for having early aging wrinkles.

3. Aging:

With time, the elastin and collagen present in our body get destroyed. These are the two main elements that maintain the elasticity of our skin. Thus with its depletion, the skin starts losing its elasticity specially on the neck and face and gradually on all parts of our body. These ultimately loosen the skin and give rise to wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

4. Irregular weight:

This also can be the reason for nasolabial folds. A loss in your weight leads to loosen your skin and gain in your weight plumps the cheeks and enhance the nasolabial folds.

5. Unhealthy sleeping habits:

An improper sleeping habits can make your nasolabial folds deeper. Thus you should maintain a good night sleep of around eight hours on a routine basis.

6. Dehydration:

This is something very essential. Lack of water in your body is one of the major reason of occurrence of nasolabial folds. To prevent these it is your responsibility to maintain the normal hydration level. How? Drink at least 5 to 6 litres of water regularly. This will lead you to have a healthy skin thus removing skin wrinkles.

7. Unhealthy diet:

A proper diet means a diet with proper protein and nutrients. Otherwise, you can’t help having deep folds and furrows at a very young age.

So, causes are done. But what about the signs and symptoms of occurrence of such folds?
You will find a crease at the junction of your upper lip and the cheek, which is mainly emphasized by smiling and so referred to as smile or laugh lines.

Since now, you are aware of the causes and signs of nasolabial folds you will look for an effective treatment. And here comes the role of dermal fillers, the skin filler injectables.
Are you willing to reduce your facial wrinkles? Dermal Fillers are the one highly recommended by the cosmetic surgeons. How does it work?
Mostly hyaluronic acid based fillers are used to treat the affected area. These are formed of natural elements, present in our body itself. This stimulates the growth of lost collagen thus adding volume to your skin, plumping your skin and making it moisturized. These natural fillers when injected give an instant result and help you to get rid of all your skin problems at least for 6 months to 2years. This longevity truly depends on your body resistance and the quality of fillers injected.
Basically, there are three types of fillers according to its formation.

1. Bovine Collagen fillers:

These fillers are composed of the skin of the cow and thus considered less expensive treatment of wrinkles when compared to others. However, four to five times this treatment is carried on in order to bring back the collagen in your skin. You can easily opt for this, but mentioned you are not allergic to this particular filler.

2. Human Collagen fillers:

Human fillers are formed from the human cells and are more expensive than bovine collagen. This treatment needs to be repeated every three to six months as because they are less durable in nature.

3. Hyaluronic acid fillers:

These fillers are highly effective, known for its durability and its efficiency. They can be both synthetic as well as natural. We will recommend you for the natural one.

Apart from the above-mentioned fillers, there are several types of cosmetic dermal fillers still available to treat such folds. Such as PMMA based fillers, Calcium Hydroxylapatite based fillers and so on. Are you excited to know about these in details? Check out our blog on the 5 most popular dermal fillers.

You should also have a knowledge of how long the cosmetic dermal fillers last, and what are the FDA approved uses and side effects of using such fillers before committing to buy one and treat your wrinkles.

Why do People Want to Reverse Their Dermal Fillers

There is a tendency that whenever we face any kind of early ageing facial problem, we straightway start solving it using dermal fillers. But the twist comes when some of us started hating it and wants to get their original look back. Most of you get panic, disheartened as because you don’t know what to do. You simply imprecate yourself and become desperate. Are you the one among them? If so then hold on tight. Because we are here to solve your problem.

How? Perhaps you haven’t heard about the reversal of dermal fillers. Have you? Well, dermal fillers can be reversed, mentioned if they are of hyaluronic acid based fillers. Have you injected that? If so then you are saved. Yes, there are several reasons why one wants to reverse their dermal fillers. Check out the following. If you are facing any such problem then you are lucky enough that you can get your original look back. Let us have a look what are they.

1. Incorrectly placed filler:

This is something very common among the patients. When you are injecting your skin filler injectables, you have to be quite careful, so that the filler is been applied in the area it is needed. The moment it is incorrectly placed, it will give a rise to several side effects and you may look even older and worse. If you are having such problem, then this can be easily solved for you, just by using hyaluronidase.

2. Too much filler:

This may happen, if the person injecting the filler does not have a knowledge of applying cosmetic dermal fillers. Too much filler can give you an unnatural looking comical appearance. Say, if your lip is over injected then it will give rise to trout pout lips. Similarly, too much volume under the eyes or on the cheeks will cause bulges under the eyes and unnatural facial lines respectively. Are you the victim of such a look? Then you can easily get the chance to reverse it.

3. Asymmetrical filler:

Now, this is evident that having a symmetrical face in humans is hardly found. In most cases, no treatment is done for this. But still if you are having asymmetrical filler problem, and if you think that the applied filler has given an asymmetrical shape to your face then you can go for the reversing action. It is up to you. Mainly this asymmetrical lines occur on the lips, if scrutinized properly and can be withdrawn using soft tissue fillers.

4. Lumps:

Dermal fillers are also used for lip augmentation. While injecting such fillers, there may cause lumps in the lips. This is because, the lips always remain in the motion and as a result it does not take time for the filler to create lumps in the lips. Moreover, permanent and semi-permanent filler cause greater risk factor due to such repetition movement. This can be a matter of concern. But since reversing of hyaluronic acid fillers can be possible due to hyaluronidase, you don’t have to bear with such lips.

5. Tyndal effect:

Did you remember, you have studied about Tyndal effect in science? How the sky looks blue, though being colourless? This is because the blue light waves have a higher frequency than red light waves, and so the blue light is highly scattered all around. The same thing occurs with your skin. If the skin filler injectables are injected improperly into the skin, it tends to give a bluish shade whenever light strikes your face.This is what we call in scientific language, the Tyndal phenomenon. Are you having such blue hue under your eyes? Then you can simply connect your cosmetic surgeon to reverse your filler.

6. Granuloma:

This is another side effect can be caused due to the improper injection of dermal fillers. Granuloma often occurs 6 to 24 months after treatment. These are basically inflammatory and are visible on the injected sites at the same time. Though if remain untreated will disappear after 1 to 5 years. But if you don’t want to wait for such a long time then you definitely have an option to reverse your fillers.

7. Emergency arterial occlusion:

This kind of problem is hardly found among the individuals, specialy when the filler is injected very close to an artery. The moment your artery is occluded or tend to occlude, your skin will turn blanched, white, or mottled. The reason that your skin turns white is due to the lack of blood supply. This can be a wide problem and you need to correct it before time. Don’t get exhausted. You just have to consult with your doctor and reverse your dermal filler. That’s it.

All these above-mentioned reasons can be easily solved just by reversing your filler. Are you still having problem to trust us? If so, then turn the pages and read our blog that give you the overall explanation whether dermal fillers are reversible or not. You can also come to know- How this hyaluronidase works and what can be the side effects of using it.

Dermal Fillers Can be Reversible- Is it True

As we have told you before that dermal fillers, specially the Hyaluronic acid fillers are the best solution for your facial volume loss, that results in facial wrinkles, deep lines and furrows. So most of you might have been excited to look younger and see the difference using these fillers. But at the same time, a question arises, is this dermal filler reversible? Well, if this question is on other fillers, then we have said it ‘no’. But since the question is on hyaluronic fillers we have no other option left besides saying ‘yes’.

This particular hyaluronic acid filler can be undo using hyaluronidase. What is hyaluronidase… any idea? Don’t worry. Let us discuss it.

What is hyaluronidase and how it works?

To know how the hyaluronidase works in the reversible phase, let us discuss first, how it contributes to turning the dull skin bright. Yes, don’t be shocked. This is true. Let us see how.

Just similar to hyaluronic acid, hyaluronidase also occurs within our body. As you know, hyaluronic acid plays a major role in hydrating the skin and energizing the nervous tissues. Or you can say it is an essential component of the natural dermal filler. This hydrophilic molecule results in skin softening and make your joints flexible. What is the role of hyaluronidase then?

Besides the natural hyaluronic acid, the fillers also contain cross-linked chains. This, as a result, increases the flexibility to break down the fillers by the body’s natural hyaluronidase. That is the reason why the skin filler injectables metabolize at a slower rate, breaking the molecule of hyaluronic acid, at a time period of at least 3 to 24 months.

Now when the question comes to reverse your dermal fillers, hyaluronidase is used to dissolve those hyaluronic acid molecules. The enzyme is applied to the area where the injected dermal filler needs to get dissolved. This injection rapidly works in the vicinity of dermal fillers and you will be able to correlate the difference, immediately after it is applied. All the hyaluronic acid molecule gets dissolved and metabolized at a rapid turnover rate.

Now if you are thinking to apply this on other cosmetic dermal fillers, except hyaluronic acid filler, then this enzyme will fail to give you the result. For example, this enzyme can be applied after Juvederm, Sculptra, Restylane or Perlane treatment, but does not act on Radiesse or Sculptra, as they are composed of different material. So it is necessary to note it down, before applying the wrong dose.

Hyaluronidase is basically found to be applied to the area under the eye. This is because, the skin around the area is highly sensible and thin, and if over treated with any cosmetic filler, it becomes easily visible. Well if you want to know why and in which situation people want these enzymes to reverse the dermal fillers, check our other blogs.

Are there any side effects?

After reading this, you must want to know, whether these reversible fillers cause any side effects or not. Right? Well, yes, hyaluronidase does have some of its side effects. The most common among them are swelling and bruising. You don’t need to panic. Because these side effects fade away in few days after the treatment. Apart from these, you might have an allergy, that basically occurs rarely. But still it can be a severe one if you are allergic to bee-stings, thus resulting in anaphylaxis.

How to avoid?

All this can be definitely avoided if the dose of the injectable is estimated before it is applied. It is necessary to know, how many doses of hyaluronidase can dissolve the filler. Remember, too much dose will result in a risk, and if less will not give you the desired result. So you have to perfect in every respect. Don’t try to apply it on your own. Consult with your doctor, or go to a specialist to make it done for you.

Coming to the conclusion. Do you know how to buy a perfect dermal filler? Get through our blog where we have discussed some useful tips for you to know before getting a dermal filler. There are several types of dermal fillers available on the market. You have to discreetly choose the hyaluronic based fillers from them, otherwise you will be left with no other option to reverse your filler. Want to check out the different types of fillers? Then click the link and go through the blog.

How Long Cosmetic Dermal Fillers Last?

Early aging wrinkles? Consult a cosmetic surgeon and inject dermal fillers to get your problem solve. This everyone says. But what about its longevity? You might have asked this question to many. But have you got a relevant answer? With the advantages and disadvantages of using dermal fillers, you should know about the longevity of the cosmetic dermal filler you use. Today, in this blog, you will get to know how long the results of dermal fillers last in your treatment area.

Do you know what factors influence a filler’s longevity? The durability of a cosmetic filler injectable relies on the filler material, its consistency, the treatment area, and the metabolic rate of your body. Basically you will find hyaluronic acid based fillers are highly long-lasting. These are considered to be the natural fillers.

Based on the treatment area if you try to determine the longevity, then get through the following.

1. Around the eyes:

If you use hyaluronic acid based cosmetic filler around your beautiful eyes, then you will notice the results are lasting for at least 12 months. To treat the tear trough are under the eyes, mostly Restylane dermal fillers are recommended by the doctors. As because, it is quite firm and is effectively act on the thinner skin area.

2. On the cheeks:

Juvederm Voluma, a hyaluronic acid filler when injected into the cheeks, generate results that last for 24 months. Moreover, if you add a touch-up treatment to your former treatment at 12 months then it will give you long-lasting results. Voluma and Radiesse are best to provide prolong results. These are thicker gels that are applied on the cheeks to restore the luster of your skin. Considering Radiesse, will give you a result of 15 months, after a touch-up treatment at 7 months.

3. Around the nose:

Again the hyaluronic acid filler, Restylane can give you the result of 2 years with proper treatments at 6 months and maintenance. Have you ever used this product or have seen anyone injecting it? If you have, then you may have an idea what is Restylane is all about. It contains a firm thin gel that allows your skin to get shaped and act more effectively than other thicker fillers.

4. On the Lip:

Which are the best filler for your lip augmentation, any idea? Check out Restylane, Restylane Silk and Juvederm products to enhance the volume on your lips. These will last for minimum 12 months and can be extended if treated with further care. Basically, this augmentation results after 3 treatments. So don’t get panic if you won’t get your desired results after one or two treatments.

5. At the corners of the mouth:

The cosmetic surgeons mainly suggest hyaluronic acid fillers for this treatment. Do you know how? These natural fillers provide long-lasting results of 12 months, with a touch-up treatment at 6 months. Well, there are many such skin filler injectables that can provide more effective results than hyaluronic acid filler. But this filler gives you a benefit of dissolving in the skin, if it is accidentally injected into the blood vessel.

6. On Chin:

With time you may need to enhance the volume of your chin to gain back the puberty. If you are planning to augment your chin, then we will recommend to use fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse or a mixture of them. These results are effective for 15 to 24 months, with touch-up treatments.

Making this more clear to you, let us discuss how long the different cosmetic dermal fillers last, according to FDA guidelines.

1. Hyaluronic acid filler(HA):

Have you ever heard of the term hyaluronic acid? This is naturally obtained in our skin. Best hyaluronic fillers are Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero. These fillers help to restore hydration in your skin and enable to reduce facial wrinkles and deep lines. The results last from 6 to 18 months, but if you treat them properly it can give you long-lasting results.

2. Calcium hydroxylapatite(CaHA):

CaHa occurs naturally in the bones of your body. Radiesse is such an FDA approved filler based on CaHa. They are smooth thick gel natural fillers that last for 12 months and produce collage to the body.

3. Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA):

PLLA is a synthetic filler composed from a biodegradable substance that is safe for the body. These fillers are injected deeper than other synthetic and natural fillers and producing collagen to the body. What about its longevity? PLLA lasts more than 2 years, without any doubt but dissipates after a couple days.

4. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA):

This is also a biocompatible based filler similar to PLLA. They are highly used to reduce nasolabial folds and deep to moderate lines. Bellafill, the collagen-based filler mixed with PMMA, lasts for more than 5 years. If you want to get a more smoother skin for a long period, then nothing can be better than this.

These are all about the longevity of dermal fillers. Hope now this is clear to you. But before you choose the one from the collection of skin filler injectables, know what are the things you need to know before getting a dermal filler. After you are done, know their proper uses and side effects before ordering the filler from the store. Always remember, a wrong filler injected into your skin may cause a serious effect. So its better to consult with your surgeon initially and get in touch with a professional dermal filler supplier and get one that you need.