Why do People Want to Reverse Their Dermal Fillers

Why do People Want to Reverse Their Dermal Fillers

There is a tendency that whenever we face any kind of early ageing facial problem, we straightway start solving it using dermal fillers. But the twist comes when some of us started hating it and wants to get their original look back. Most of you get panic, disheartened as because you don’t know what to do. You simply imprecate yourself and become desperate. Are you the one among them? If so then hold on tight. Because we are here to solve your problem.

How? Perhaps you haven’t heard about the reversal of dermal fillers. Have you? Well, dermal fillers can be reversed, mentioned if they are of hyaluronic acid based fillers. Have you injected that? If so then you are saved. Yes, there are several reasons why one wants to reverse their dermal fillers. Check out the following. If you are facing any such problem then you are lucky enough that you can get your original look back. Let us have a look what are they.

1. Incorrectly placed filler:

This is something very common among the patients. When you are injecting your skin filler injectables, you have to be quite careful, so that the filler is been applied in the area it is needed. The moment it is incorrectly placed, it will give a rise to several side effects and you may look even older and worse. If you are having such problem, then this can be easily solved for you, just by using hyaluronidase.

2. Too much filler:

This may happen, if the person injecting the filler does not have a knowledge of applying cosmetic dermal fillers. Too much filler can give you an unnatural looking comical appearance. Say, if your lip is over injected then it will give rise to trout pout lips. Similarly, too much volume under the eyes or on the cheeks will cause bulges under the eyes and unnatural facial lines respectively. Are you the victim of such a look? Then you can easily get the chance to reverse it.

3. Asymmetrical filler:

Now, this is evident that having a symmetrical face in humans is hardly found. In most cases, no treatment is done for this. But still if you are having asymmetrical filler problem, and if you think that the applied filler has given an asymmetrical shape to your face then you can go for the reversing action. It is up to you. Mainly this asymmetrical lines occur on the lips, if scrutinized properly and can be withdrawn using soft tissue fillers.

4. Lumps:

Dermal fillers are also used for lip augmentation. While injecting such fillers, there may cause lumps in the lips. This is because, the lips always remain in the motion and as a result it does not take time for the filler to create lumps in the lips. Moreover, permanent and semi-permanent filler cause greater risk factor due to such repetition movement. This can be a matter of concern. But since reversing of hyaluronic acid fillers can be possible due to hyaluronidase, you don’t have to bear with such lips.

5. Tyndal effect:

Did you remember, you have studied about Tyndal effect in science? How the sky looks blue, though being colourless? This is because the blue light waves have a higher frequency than red light waves, and so the blue light is highly scattered all around. The same thing occurs with your skin. If the skin filler injectables are injected improperly into the skin, it tends to give a bluish shade whenever light strikes your face.This is what we call in scientific language, the Tyndal phenomenon. Are you having such blue hue under your eyes? Then you can simply connect your cosmetic surgeon to reverse your filler.

6. Granuloma:

This is another side effect can be caused due to the improper injection of dermal fillers. Granuloma often occurs 6 to 24 months after treatment. These are basically inflammatory and are visible on the injected sites at the same time. Though if remain untreated will disappear after 1 to 5 years. But if you don’t want to wait for such a long time then you definitely have an option to reverse your fillers.

7. Emergency arterial occlusion:

This kind of problem is hardly found among the individuals, specialy when the filler is injected very close to an artery. The moment your artery is occluded or tend to occlude, your skin will turn blanched, white, or mottled. The reason that your skin turns white is due to the lack of blood supply. This can be a wide problem and you need to correct it before time. Don’t get exhausted. You just have to consult with your doctor and reverse your dermal filler. That’s it.

All these above-mentioned reasons can be easily solved just by reversing your filler. Are you still having problem to trust us? If so, then turn the pages and read our blog that give you the overall explanation whether dermal fillers are reversible or not. You can also come to know- How this hyaluronidase works and what can be the side effects of using it.