FDA approved uses and side effects of Dermal Fillers

FDA approved uses and side effects of Dermal Fillers

Are you worried about your wrinkles, which are becoming apparent at an earlier age?
If so, then you might be thinking of using dermal fillers for your wrinkle treatment. There is no doubt, that dermal fillers will help you to reduce your wrinkles. In fact, there is a wide range of branded dermal fillers available in the market. So before using it, we will recommend you to consult with your cosmetic surgeon for the appropriate dermal filler that is fruitful to your skin. All dermal fillers do not serve the same purpose. Thus a wrong selection may lead you to a disaster.

Are you eager to know about the uses and side effects of dermal fillers? Today, in this blog, we will grant you the overall knowledge about the approved uses by FDA along with the risk factors.

Let us start our discussion with, What are dermal fillers? Dermal fillers or commonly known as the wrinkle fillers, which acts as injectables that stuff in the folds and furrows of the skin. These implants, approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) helps to enhance the luster of the face.

What are the FDA approved uses of dermal fillers?

1. The FDA has affirmed that some dermal fillers are composed of an absorbable or temporary material which reduces moderate to severe facial wrinkles, folds and furrows specially the nasolabial folds. Nasolabial folds are the deep contraction appears on the side of your mouth and extend towards the nose.
2. Dermal fillers that are made of non-absorbable or permanent materials are approved by FDA. They can only be used to check nasolabial folds and reduce cheek acne, scars in patients beyond 21 years.
3. Derma fillers can be used for reclamation or as a potentially remedy of the facial fat loss(lipoatrophy) among the individuals affected by HIV.
4. The FDA has endorsed some absorbable dermal fillers for the uses like, lip and cheek augmentation in individuals of age over 21yrs, check the contour deficiencies such as wrinkles and skin inflammation scars.
5. Similarly, the FDA has also approved a dermal filler for hand augmentation by expanding the volume of the back of the hands.

Apart from such effective uses of dermal fillers, if you want to get the desired and effective result, then you need to inject more than one injectables. Do you think that these anti-wrinkle injections won’t affect your health at all? If you are having this conception then you are wrong. Every coin has two faces as you know. If these injectables are giving you the most effective advantages, then they will surely have some disadvantages too. Let us discuss what are the probable side effects.

Risk factor of using dermal fillers

Every filler which you are consuming should be in a limit. Otherwise, this may cause various side effects which can be of short term or long term, permanent or temporary. These side effects appear in a month or two, after the application of the injectables. The risks which accompany the approved uses of FDA are as follows.

Very common side effects are like Bruising, Redness, Swelling, Pain, Tenderness, Itching and rashes. Besides these, you may also face problems like open or draining wounds, a sore at the injection area, allergy, necrosis, and nodules or granulomas that occur under the skin and can only be removed by surgical treatment.
FDA has also approved that some dermal fillers may be the reason of some rare side effects. These include, serious allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock that needs an immediate medical treatment, the filler may relocate from the area of infusion, spoilage or breakdown of the filler material at the injection site, and hard nodules may be formed in the face or hand, where the filler is applied. If you cross your limit of using the filler, it may lead to serious abnormalities, massive stroke, and even blindness.

Reaching the conclusion, if you are willing to use a cosmetic dermal filler, then we suggest you to be aware of these following points.
1. At first, don’t use your own idea while choosing a dermal filler. Consult with your doctor to purchase the best branded cosmetic dermal filler from a professional skin care wholesale supplier.
2. It is better to seek help from a professional cosmetic surgeon who is quite experienced in this field. Don’t inject the skin care injectables yourself.
3. Go through the FDA approved uses and the risk factors before using the anti wrinkle injections for your wrinkle treatment.
4. After applying such injectables, if you are experiencing any upset condition, then reach your doctor immediately without taking any chance.